Marketing and Branding with Vanity Numbers

Revolutionize Your Real Estate Business With A  Memorable Vanity Phone Number

If you spend a couple of hours a week watching television, you have already been exposed to a technique used to subliminally transform you into a brand loyalist.  All the major brands using thirty second television spots and other traditional advertising are using this technique on you all the time.  They are banking on memory recall to sell their products.  You, as a real estate investor, can use a vanity number to boost you to the top of your game.

The most recognizable and biggest brands are the most profitable because they are readily identifiable and familiar.  People identify with them because they are so used to the brand name, they feel “safe” in choosing that product.  The brand companies use memory recall on consumers to compete in flooded markets and become the “preferred” brand over all the others.  In real estate investing, you can use memory recall to make your name the “safe” and “preferred” name.  Thus, promoting  your  “brand” over your competition.

This is how it works:  the big brands flood television, billboards, magazines, and radio with simple phrases, icons, logos, and jingles.  In all their advertisements, they repeat the same simplistic message over and over.  When the consumer is in the market for an item, studies have proven most of them will choose the brand they recognize.  If a consumer decides to try a new brand, it will almost always be due to memory recall from and advertisement.

In order to boost your real estate business, you have to get your phones ringing off the hook with leads.  You must find a way to create memory recall in potential sellers.  One extremely successful way to do this is through using a vanity number.  A good vanity number is easy to remember, and has the potential to generate unlimited leads.  Numbers such as 1-800-SELL-FAST, 1-800-FLOWERS, 1-800-DENTIST, and 1-800-COLLECT are virtual goldmines to the companies who use them.  These numbers are easily recollected by consumers.

Another strategy you can use is developing tactics to make you an expert in your local area.  Become a local celebrity by using public access television, local magazines, and newsletters to advertise and illustrate what you have to offer as a real estate investor.  Make sure you use your vanity number in these forums.  Soon, people will recognize your face and vanity number.  You will become your own brand and create memory recall that will bring you more leads than you can handle!