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Real Estate Mentor is a great place to learn more about real real estate mentoring and how it can help you get started investing faster.

 Real estate mentoring will help you succeed in real estate investing. This site will always be free and have up to date information about real estate mentoring. You can learn about real estate investing strategies and even find a real estate mentor on this site. If you plan on investing part-time for extra cash, or full time to make a living, take your time and learn as much about this business as you can. This isn’t going to happen over night. Real estate mentoring can help you with the typical learning curve that most investors have to endure.

Real estate investing can be very lucrative, but also has a lot of pitfalls that have stopped many others that have come before you.  Let’s face it if were easy everyone would be doing it successfully. It takes more than going to a few seminars or webinars to make it as a full time real estate investor.  There are a lot of courses out there that teach all kinds of strategies and if you try to do it all, you will surely fail.  We call it chasing shinny objects.  Let’s face it, it’s easy to get caught up in all of the hype.  Real estate coaching will help you avoid making costly mistakes and get that illusive “first deal” done.

Real Estate Mentoring Tips

We hope that you make it in this business and this site can be a stepping stone for you. Below are three tips that will help you succeed.

1) Focus on one strategy at a time, until you are making money with what you’ve learned. (Don’t chase shiny objects)

2) Find a real estate mentor who can show you the ropes to shorten your learning curve. And always be learning.

3) Take your time, this isn’t a race – and you are your only competition.

These three tips can help you when you are first getting started. You can find out more about our coaching programs and how real estate mentoring can help!

In order to be successful you need to focus on one strategy at a time.  The strategy you choose is up to you so choose it carefully.  If you focus and become good at any strategy you will eventually make money. Only then should learn more strategies and expand your knowledge.  Why? Because if you don’t you will always be chasing shiny objects like a dog chases his tail.  Bottom line: you won’t get much done at all and you definitely wont be flipping houses like a pro.

You will need real estate coaching at some point in your learning process, especially if you want to shorten the learning curve. Most successful investors all had one and many still do.  A real estate mentoring program allows a more experienced investor to take you under their wing and show you the ropes.  You can find a mentor in all types of places and you do not necessarily have to pay for one.  There are always people out there who started before you and have more knowledge than you.  You can try finding these people at meetings, clubs and other events.

A real estate mentor will help along the path to success.  Real estate investing is not a “get rich quick” business like they make it look like on television. You can make a lot of money, but it’s  hard work too.  Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! Being the best, or even surviving for that matter will take patience and hard work.  99% of all people who try to get into real estate investing fail! Sorry, but that’s a simple fact.  If you aren’t a motivated self starter don’t even waste you time.  That may sound a little harsh but less than 1% of people making it in this business you have to ask yourself if you really have what it takes.  If you do you will know it.  It’s a feeling deep down inside of you that is unexplainable.

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 Real Estate Mentoring is the key to your success!