Internet Marketing for Real Estate Investors

The internet has changed the way people communicate and stay connected with one another and is an integral tool in any successful business’s marketing strategy. Internet marketing for Real Estate Investors is an important component in the success of an investor: if an investor cannot find a project in which they wish to invest, no profits can be made. Chances are, if you aren’t advertising locally, your business will not grow and flourish the way it would if you were to utilize the internet with local marketing.

Make Your Online Presence Known

Internet marketing for Real Estate Investors is handled like any other form of internet marketing. Online advertisements are an effective means by which an investor can quickly find deals. First, you must identify your target customer – who will be interested in your product or service? In this case, people looking to sell their house fast. If you can find other investors who are looking for houses too, you can start building your buyers list at the same time. Second, find out where these people go when they are online. More likely than not, they traffic websites pertaining to real estate in some regard, such as, but may also visit the websites of home improvement retailers in order to research a potential project. You’ll want to buy advertising space on as many of these types of websites as possible: the bigger the net, the more fish you will catch. Third and finally, a business website is necessary, even if it is as simple as a single page website known as a sqeeze page with your name, telephone number and email address listed on it. This is where prospective clients will be directed when they click on your advertisements, so it doesn’t need to be a work of art: save that effort for your marketing.

Social and Professional Networking

As you have likely guessed, internet marketing for Real Estate Investors demands some level of an online presence on the part of the investor. Internet advertisements are not the only way to raise one’s profile, however. Social networking sites such as Facebook and business networking sites such as LinkedIn offer investors an invaluable (and free) resource that will allow them to get their name out there and attract new clients. While Facebook is typically seen as a place for personal friends to connect, more and more business are establishing their own professional Facebook fan pages in order to bolster public support and to keep a line of communication open with their consumers. LinkedIn is another great place to present your abilities to a more professional user base: for instance, Linkedin features the ability for users to upload a copy of their resume which can then be viewed by other registered users of the site. However, we don’t use the site for this reason at all. More on that in the advanced training sessions.

There’s no way around it: internet marketing for Real Estate Investors is the way of the future. Once you have established and nurtured your online presence, the number of potential partners you encounter will grow exponentially. All you need to do is devote a bit of capital toward marketing, create your online profiles, and monitor your inbox for new emails. Having a great vanity number helps too.