How to Acquire the Right Real Estate Mentor

Real estate coaching is important and here are some tips that can help you in your quest for the right mentor:

  • Research for local real estate associations and clubs and get to know the people here. Let your local investors know that you are searching for a good real estate mentor that specializes in your area of interest (e.g., foreclosures/short sales, wholesaling, commercial investing).
  • Approach the experts and express your intent to work with them. To get the expert into accepting to mentor you, offer to do most of the work on deals.
  • Sustain the partnership by placing emphasis on building a relationship with your mentor rather than concentrating on the profits therein for you.  Establish a win-win situation by giving your mentor(s) the benefit of your efforts and time, and gaining knowledge and wisdom in return.

There are many ways that a real estate mentor can benefit you.  If you have the idea, like many other people of doing it on your own, please take this advice seriously.  Having a mentor and coach will help you create a shortcut to success.  And even though this is true it will still require some good old fashioned hard work.